Monday, September 04, 2006

A quick recap

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing an extremely overweight woman on a golf cart thingy run into the grill display at Lowe's while calling for her husband's assistance. Even better, he was laughing at her!

I came home from said Lowe's shopping experience having purchased a drill, my first forray into power tools! After much double entendre about drills and drilling over lunch with Mark, I constructed a shelf in the laundry room and fixed the dryer vent. I do fear that I'm turning into a lesbian!

Friday night involved OG and the Trops where a semi-closeted but fully drunken gay and I sang almost the entire Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge.

Saturday I was the drunken gay at Shattered, where much fun was had by all. There were many people there I knew, and it had been a while since I had visited my favorite club here. So, it was great! The night ended with me outside, shirtless, having my sweaty shirt wrung out by two VERY cute girls whose phone numbers I acquired. Rediculous!

Sunday I got over my hang over just in time to have Lianne (the wife) come into town from the East Coast. Enjoyment of dollar burgers was followed by silliness at Mark's house. It was, of course, great to have her around a bit.

This evening was pleasantly spent with Callie, Archer, The Pocket, and Ed. Ed and I provided dinner like the good gays that we are. It was great to feel comfortable having people over. I finally have some furniture and space to entertain.

Alas, Labor Day has come to a close, and tomorrow I must return to work...