Sunday, March 26, 2006

Music of the spheres

Last week I had a crazy drunken night with Patrick ON A TUESDAY! It was supposed to be just a few martinis for me and not too late of a night. But many martinis later, a broken martini glass, two plates of toasted ravioli, and a drunken sobfest over the music of Brahms, I stumbled into bed at 3am! Needless to say, the next day of work sucked major ass (and i don't mean in a good way). It was great to spend some time with Patrick though.

On Friday I joined Ed and Robyn for the movie She's The Man. OMG! What an over the top silly excuse for a movie! However, there were some funny moments and many shirtless scenes of hot boys. Can't complain!

Last night I went to Hooters with Ed and two girls. You'd think that would be pointless, but the touch of scandalousocity made it fun. Plus, there were some cute straight boys there. However there were also many KIDS!! Since when do scantily clad rediculously endowed women say family outing? In addition, there was some prepubescent boy, complete with braces, enjoying his BIRTHDAY party there! To make it worse, the skeezy people he was with were encouraging as much interaction with the waitresses as possible. Sheesh!

Today was a lazy day of fun with Ed. I love you Spring Break! We made a nice breakfast that we ate outside, and then went for a walk to look for cocoons. Yes my bf is a bug geek. But all we found was a dead turtle's shell and little snake. I was happy for the snake. I love seeing animals, and I like reptiles! Reptile study was the only merit badge I ever got at scout camp. Hell, it might have been the only merit badge I got ever. Too bad they didn't give merit badges for pitching a tent in the tent, or troop "fraternization." I KEED!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Isn't it ironic...

Today is the supposed first day of Spring, but it is "slushing" outside. Slushing is that wonderful precipitation that isn't snow or rain, but a lovely combination of both. I HATE you irony!

Satan is a lesbian

Ok, I have nothing against lesbians. The title just refers to a silly conversation Ed and I had in bed this morning.

This weekend has a been a crazy rock star weekend! It started Friday evening with "Emerald Forrest" martinis (for St. Pat's day duh). Then Ed and I showed up at a party for a friend of Patrick (as in the ex) who became a good friend of mine when Pat and I were dating. There was much drunken frolicking! I got kissed by a straight boy twice, slapped another on the butt, and pinched yet another's nipples. Yes, they ARE straight. How much do I love my Eddy for putting up with my drunken flirting with straight boys!?! The self esteem got a boost when yet another guy asked about my work out habits. I gave him my best gym advice.

Patrick ended up getting totally sloshed and puked A LOT into the sink. He looked miserable. As he slouched in a heap on a chair, Ed played with his hair gently. Ed often does sweet things for me, but he doesn't harbor a great love for Patrick. To see him being so charitable to someone he usually just tolerates literally made me cry.

Saturday morning we came to work to find a hole in the store front window. It was quickly replaced, but later in the mornging, an Asian guy came by and owned up to breaking the window and wanted to pay for it. His brother got in a fight, which pissed this guy off, so he hauled off and punched the window in a drunken stupor. I was amazed that he came in to confess and offer amends.

Last night, Ed and I spiced up an engagment party for Scott and Jamie, who are the cutest straight couple ever! I met many fun girls, commented on sparkly boobs, and tried desperately to hook Jesse the jeweler up with one of them. There was some way fun drunken dancing to 80's music.

Today, I went crazy at the grocery store and made dinner for Ed. I was SO domestic. I made a Mexican vegetable salad with green chili vinaigrette and a Texmex casserole called Kings Ranch Chicken. ALL FROM SCRATCH. The ingredient list would impress you. hehe! It was nice to spend a quiet evening with my boy and cuddle for a bit.

Ten day until our Utah trip! WOO HOO!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another day...

The last few days have been fun. Tuesday was my birthday. It was a happy coincidence that both Valentine's and my bday fell on Gay Tuesday! My coworkers provided doughnuts for our celabratory food in the morning. Throughout the day, I received MANY phone calls from friends and family. I even heard from old friends from undergrad that I haven't talked to in years or more! The evening was quite laid back, cuz the real celebration was to follow. My Eddy came by and gave me the nicest martini glasses and a shaker--just what I wanted! We immediately put them to use, and I enjoyed the rest of the night in his company.

Last night many of my friends made it out to Addison's, my favorite restaurant, to party it up a little. It was good food, drinks, and fun!!! I was very pleased at the turnout. I felt loved! I think everyone had a good time, too.

Today has been a frustrating day, though. I got mostly bad news and dead ends as a result of most of my endeavors. The weather was absolutely icky as well, making my SAD kick in big time. Tanning and a frosty from Wendy's helped a little. The real cure was a hug and kiss from the most beautiful boy in the world!

Random musing: In my endless love for dichotomy, I am amused by the kids smoking and eating fast food on the benches by the track.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Video snippets

Now that I have found out how to embed videos, expect a rash of them to follow!

These are from my trip to Vienna and Istanbul last summer. The first one is part of Hvorostovsky's encore at a recital in the Musikverein.

The next two are from Istanbul. The kids playing soccer in the street is a charming sociological scene. The mix of people and the ethnic music in the Turkish bazaar clip provide an exotic flavor.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


The rant: The Oscars is such farcical excuse for an achievement show! A bunch of Hollywood nitwit back slapping combined with thinly veiled polemics. It's hard to take an organization seriously when "It's hard out here for a pimp" takes the award for best song.

Having said that, there was some decent material awarded tonight, and there were some good performances. So here's my toast to the movie industry: Although I have some major issues with Brokeback Mountain, especially the adultery theme, I have found the following video that brings out some of the beauty in the movie.

The creator of this video has a few others that are worthy of your time. View them here. The one set to "Please remember me" is especially poignant.