Tuesday, February 28, 2006


"When I'm with you, we stay up all night. When you're not here, I can't go to sleep. Praise God for these two insomnias..."

~from The Here and Now by Christopher Theofanidis

Tongight and last night have been spent quite pleasantly in the company of my boy. Because the weather has been so nice we've spent much time outdoors. Woo hoo! Last night, Ed "abducted" me for ice cream and a walk downtown. We capped the night off with happy hour at the 'berg. I LOVE their blue rasberry martinis. I mean seriously they probably rank amongst my top 20 favorite things!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


You can substitute rice for potatos, splenda for sugar, masturbation for sex, caffeine for sleep, a treadmill for a track, etc. But there is so substitution for the arms of the one you love.

Friday, February 24, 2006

A Generic night

Last night involved much fun at a club we'd never been to: Generic. It was a VIP party, so Ed got in unquestioned, and we all got in for free. He describes the evening well here.

Some details that must be added are my drunk boss buying us shots (as I predicted). Also, he grinded with me a little bit: he came up behind me and surprised me. In addition, he kissed me on the cheek goodnight. This is a far cry from the somewhat homophobic guy he used to be. I guess I'm a good ambassador for gaydom after all. There was also some ass grabbing by Jesse, the questionably straight jeweler. Funny to go to the straight club and be fondled as much as at the gay club. Times have changed!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A matter of instinct

"It merely obeyed the mysterious prompting that arose from the deep crypts of its being."

I had some time this weekend to do some reading, including Jack London's incredible description of instinct above. I went to Utah with my parents for my cousin's wedding. It was a whirl-wind trip; I didn't even have a chance to see any old friends, but that's what the upcoming vacation will be for. It was good to see the family, especially my cousin brian (the groom). We were good friends and roommates in school for a while.

Yesterday, Jamie and Scott came in to work to give me a present!! I met Jamie randomly at Shattered when she insisted I dance with her and her bachelorette partying friend. She rocks! Turns out she does hair, and is now my stylist. I met her boyfriend Scott some weeks later, and it turns out I had met him when I sold him a watch! They are uber-cute together, and Ed and I both like them. Scott recently picked out THE ring with my assistance and proposed on V-day! They got me some way stylin' rocks glasses and a bottle of bourbon! The card was also very touching! Yay for cute straight people!

Last night I had a weird mood swing into some funky depression. I played sad songs on the guitar and busted out the new whiskey. Then my Ed came over and made everything all better. The kid constantly amazes me. I'm so lucky and glad he's in my life.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Opposites attract

I take two steps forward, you take two steps back. We come together cuz opposites attract.

This Paula Abdul moment has been brought to you by...

1) Asians speaking Asian while eating Americanized Mexican at Chipotle. Yes, it was a flurry of nationalities. Very dichotomous.

2) Snow falling from the sky on a sunny warm day. WTF??

3) A very late-nite, somewhat intoxicated philosophical conversation with Ed that yielded a realization that we have some very different outlooks in some areas of life. I wouldn't say we're opposites, but I think it's to be expected at this stage of a relationship to find out that the level of "sameness" shared might not be what it seemed initially. I think this is both a scary thing and an exhilarating challenge. Relationships are hard work, otherwise everyone would have one and they'd be dull and boring.

Recent highlights in my life:

1) An email from a friend of mine at BYU, now living in Brazil. She's crazy!

2) Ed bringing me coffee and my phone that I'd left at home to my work on a dreary Saturday. Coffee never tasted so good!

3) Making "Gay Tuesday" Valentine cookies for my co-workers Monday night. For those of you just joining the blog, Gay Tuesday was started when my (questionably) straight jeweler friend stated he was gay only on Tuesdays. It's grown to have it's own theme song! Naturally since V-day fell on Tuesday, the gays HAD to make (from scratch) sugar cookies decorated with interlocked male symbols, rainbow sprinkles, etc. They were a HUGE hit!

4) Spending V-day with the most beautiful boy in the world. Ed made me an exquisite candlelight dinner he termed "simple." Everything was made from scratch, and the menu included steaks (the best cut)with mushroom sauce, sage potatoes, and an Indian (dot not feathers) cucumber/tomato salad. My baby loves me!! Unfortunately, someone stole Ed's gift while it was in transit from Amazon.com. The stoopid criminal got a DVD of Gerard Souzay, Ed's favorite baritone. Someone apparently has an insatiable love for French opera and chansons. Or they just belong on an episode of Reno 911. So, he got a picture of the DVD with an explanatory note. Amazon sent another one overnight that just arrived today.

Random musings:

Valentine's Day brings out the puppy dog side of other-wise non-romantic guys. It was so cute to see them in the jewelry store, utterly lost and miserable. The fact that they even came in seemed like a romantic gesture to me. It's also an opportunity for caring. James, a married man, and Mills, a self-centered spoiled brat, both did something nice for Keri, our VERY single office manager. I don't think being single on V-day is the end of the world. But it is nice to take a moment and reflect on how lucky I am to have the greatest guy I've ever dated in my life.

Upcoming events:

I'm going to Utah for the weekend for my cousin's wedding. It'll be a very quick trip, but I'm excited to go back there, see my family, and get out of the store for a while! Even better will be my vacation there with Ed next month!

The End

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I am WAY too amused by the paradox of that title!

I haven't been blogging much because, honestly, lately I don't find my life that interesting. Sometimes life just settles into a pattern. Of course, that's usually the time I get pierced, change hair color, or something. Lately I have a renewed longing for a tattoo!

Today is Superbowl Sunday. In true rebel form, Ed and I went shopping and listened to club remixes on the way there. It was fun being out with my boy, and although he HATES shopping, we had a good time. At the Gap, a girl tried to promote some pants to Ed that he couldn't just call 'not his style.' He had to be BRUTALLY honest and say they were hideous, as in the ugliest pants ever. She tried to diplomatically state that girls like that style, but Ed retorted that he wasn't trying to impress girls. I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or cheer for the show. I do know that I love how Ed is comfortable being Ed, and that in turn makes Craig comfortable being Craig. Yes, I know I just referred to myself in the third person. Get over it!

Tonight I've been watching Simpsons and Family Guy, but I've tried to catch some Superbowl commercials during the commercials of the cartoons. Seems you can never catch commercials when you WANT to. Every time I flip the channel, there's football on. Sheesh! I did manage to catch a bit of the half time show with Mick Jagger looking like a piece of beef jerky in sequins. Tragic, really...