Sunday, June 25, 2006


Wow, hard to believe how long it has been since I last posted. Life has been just clickin' right along.

My project to have a booth at Columbia's Gay Pride festival went well. As you all know, I'm not the rainbow flag wavin' parade marchin' kinda gay, but we succeeded in creating a buzz at the festival and having some homos come into the store. The thing is, the gay population in general is exrememly loyal to businesses where they feel comfortable. I now have two new projects at work that are keeping me amused: revamping the store's website and starting a bridal fashion jewelry leasing program.

Eddy's 21st bday has come and gone. Now I'm finally dating a legal boy again after many years. Sheesh! We had tons of fun at Addison's followed by Trops followed by Shatterday night!

Michael will move in with me this coming week. I think he's gonna be a great roommate, but it will be weird having been by myself the last three years. We'll tolerate being cramped in the current apartment until we move into our new place in August. I'm excited for that! I've already purchased a new couch and loveseat.

Today as I was attemting to clean out the spare room here, I found some scribbles between Lianne and me as well as some funny quotes from friends that I'd written down. (See below.) It made me miss them very much. To some extent I miss that time in my life. I don't miss being Dr. Crabb's bitch. I don't miss the bittersweet conducting experiences, but I do miss the learning and gleaning knowledge and experience. I've been trying to do that more on my own, and I think I've had some moderate success. I've been studying web-based marketing, and on the artistic side, I've been reading Chekov as well as studying a little bit about Brittish composer Arnold Bax.

Lianne: The Utrecht Te Deum is too long!

Me: Damn Baroque sons of bitches!! Had nothing better to do than listen to four hours worth of sequences and melismas!

Andy: Can I ask you a personal question?

Me: Sure!

Andy: At what point does a man completely cross the line of sanity when it comes to grooming his pubic hair?

I've also been completely puppy crazy. I FREAKIN' NEED ONE!!! I went to see one at a sort of puppy mill. It was cute, but I didn't feel comfortable buying from such a place. The dogs didn't look malnourished or mistreated, but I'd rather buy from an individual that just decided to let their dog mate. I want a black miniature schnauzer that looks just like this:

Monday, June 05, 2006

Not bad for a Monday

Today was a bit hectic but a good day overall. I FINALLY made a good sale at work, so I might be able to afford the couch and loveseat I bought yesterday.

I also dropped off some audition materials to the manager of WS Express (the ad agency here in town). He seemed a lot more receptive today than when I actually interviewed with him. One of my ads was for Chipotle. I don't know how good it is, but it worked on me. I HAD to have Chipotle for lunch today!

My team won all three games of basketball at the gym. I played really well, including hitting the winning shot for one of them.

My only regret from today is that it's such a nice night out. I wish I was going on a walk or something. Oh well...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chillin' out

So, I seem to have taken to venting my problems/feelings a little to the extreme here lately. I am a freakin' Pisces people--cut me some slack!!

I did not drink myself into oblvion as stated the other night. I decided to be a bit more reasonable and headed out to the club to be surrounded by people. I'm usually not a fan of the club here, but going once every three months or so is great because I get some celebrity status and the attention of a fresh face.

After a pretty heavy chat between Ed and myself on Friday, we took the Scrabble board and a frisbee to Stankowski field. Ed brought popsicles that were not frozen enough for his liking, so we raided the lab he works at for liquid nitrogen. They were SO frozen that both of us lost a little surface area from our tongue! Some high school boys saw the cooler and thought they might have a shot at some alcohol. Ed offered them a popsicle without any disclaimer, so I felt the need to warn them myself. Typical of high school boys, they didn't take heed and proceeded to exclaim how exceedingly frozen they were. Sheesh.

BIG NEWS: So, I've decided to move into a new apartment. It's a rather large three-bedroom in the nicer south end of town. I can have a dog there if I want!! Due to the cost, I needed to have a roommate. At Ed's suggestion, I asked Michael, everyone's favorite pocket, and he consented. I'm excited and yet nervous at the same time. I have a very dichotomous reaction to change. I welcome it and yet I am scared by it.

Also, I had an interview with WS Express, an ad agency here in town. I learned from it, and seemed to get a relatively positive response from my interviewer. I've been asked to write a television commerical and a radio spot for two businesses in town of my choice as an audition of sorts. I'm confident of my writing and creative abilities, but I'm scared of making an ass of myself by not knowing any technical terms or correct formatting, etc. Oh well, learning usually isn't safe and pain-free.

Finally, I enjoyed a nice evening with my madre last night as she passed through on her way to Kansas. We ate dinner together, shared a nice walk through campus (the evening was GORGEOUS), and I spanked her in Boggle. Good times...

Friday, June 02, 2006


Drowning your troubles in alcohol doesn't work. They still hang on you; they're just gin-soaked...

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Sometimes the best medicine is to drink and sing Matchbox 20 songs until the loneliness goes away or I pass out, whichever comes first...