Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I feel crazy!

Today I have hardly worked at all. Occasionally, I take a break from work to email, blog, or Facebook, but today, I have taken a break from the former to work. Sadly, I don't even feel guilty.

However, I also feel a crazy sense of forward motion. I still don't know what direction to apply it, but it's coming like a tidal wave. Look out world, you've never seen a Craiger like this!

In unrelated news, I have seen the light and have been converted to PostSecret due, in part, to the following:

Monday, February 26, 2007

I heart Zipper

This morning I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm. DAMMIT! Zipper woke up as I turned over and moved to avoid being crushed. I looked over at my pampered pooch to find his "mustache" very tousled and his eyes very sleepy. He gave a look as if to say "Why the hell are we up this early," heaved a sigh, and plopped his head onto my chest to return to the land of nod. What a cute puppy!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mein Herz ist kalt

The weather reflects my mood today, or perhaps vice versa. A heartless wind is whipping about, and brittle bits of snow sting the cheek. I long for sun, sandals, batting cages, and baseball. This last month of winter is always the hardest for me...

Luckily, I found a silver lining this morning: giant pancakes and peppered bacon at Cucina Sorella with my pocket-size roomate who made me laugh and forget for a moment my tattered outlook.

Pocket (under his breath) to the waitress who informed us they were out of both orange and apple juice: "Go juice an apple, bitch!" I love me some Pocket...

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Have you seen this bee?
A mysterious condition called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, is causing agricultural honeybees nationwide to flee the colony. With CCD, most of the adult honeybees abandon a hive and disappear, abandoning the queen and a remnant of younger bees. Dead bees aren't being found near the hive--they're just gone. This behavior stands in stark contrast with the normal tendency for a bee colony to do almost anything to protect its queen. It is also problematic because tasks in the hive are stratified; bees cannot survive on their own.

Furthermore, Africanized honeybees produce 20% more honey than their European counterparts. They also have an evolutionary advantage with their shorter time from larvae to adulthood. Queens born of an African father also mature faster--a distinct advantage in the queen bee world. The first queen to emerge usually kills off the other queens.

My point in all this bug talk? Clearly white and black people should not intermarry because it would cause a super-race to form that will wipe us all out. I KEEEEEEED!! Seriously, this is what happens when you date a bug-nerd!

Speaking of the guy, I have to immortalize his kind acts of one week ago. Last Sunday before work, Zipper decided to wander a bit farther from home than usual and not return despite my vocal efforts to retrieve him. I was about to be late for work, and I was rather agitated that the dog was lost. Ed helped make and distribute lost dog signs, comforted me, and then brought me Chipotle. The signs paid off, and some good Samaritan neighbors returned the pooch. He also planned and help execute a wonderful V-day dinner this week. I think I'll keep him.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


The latest single from Martina Mcbride, who has graced my blog before, is the new "theme song" for my life. It's called anyway. Enjoy!