Friday, September 30, 2005

Parking Nazis!

I guess it's my rebellious streak that makes me think rules, including "No Parking" signs, don't apply to me. This week the parking Nazis brought me sharply back to reality. Wednessday involved a boot on my car for parking in a frat. lot cuz all the other legal spaces were taken. $40!! Today I left Ed's apartment to find my car (or not find my car as the case may be) had been towed. FREAKING $100!!!!!! I usually leave early enough to avoid that, but today I stayed in bed until about 1p!! (which had its advantages and disadvantages) *wink* Thanks to some help from Ed's roomy, I got my car back without too much incident.

264 swings in the batting cage, a call from Ed, and a jeans sale at Dillards later, I'm in a much better mood!

But my Eddy G is leaving me for the weekend. So I plan on making this a heavy duty practice and cleaning weekend. Hooray for productivity!

I almost forgot, I also looked at the mall for some shirts/ties to go with my FREAKIN HELLA COOL vintage suit I picked up a bit ago at the vintage shop. While checking out Target ties, a large and well-dressed "more mature" black man advised that I NOT buy that jacket (as in the one I already owned)! He then proceeded to ask me what it was for. I replied just for kicks, and he said, "oh well, ok, but don't use it for anything serious!" Sheesh! And THEN, another guy came up and initiated a conversation mocking the one I just had: "Hey, don't buy that! What the hell man? I actually LIKE the jacket." He walked off and a bit later a Target employee asked if I needed any help. I SHOULD have replied, "No thanks, the patrons of this store have done enough." As it turns out, the straight guy helped me pick out a tie that matched well. Hooray for metros!

Goodbye September!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Parties, materialism, and autumn

This weekend I went home to Illinois to throw a bachelor party (of sorts) for my brother who's to be married next month. "Of sorts" refers to the fact that he's devoutly Mormon. Therefore, there were no strippers, or alchol, or any other form of debauchery. Instead there was much pizza, soda, college football on tv, air hockey, foosball, and ping-pong. I have to say that I am a ping-pong god, which either makes me really cool or a big ol' loser, as the sport I'm best at is ping-pong. But, I beat EVERYONE there before I finally relenquished my paddle and let someone else play. When the bride to be and my sister crashed the party towards the end, I commented: "Finally! the strippers are here!" I got a roar of laughter from the mormon lads and some VERY dirty looks from the two women. Ah, good times.

I went to the mall tonight to try to recruit a new employee for the store. It was slim pickin's. I realized how much I hate the mall and the materialism it represents. I get so caught up in wanting stuff and, moreover, wanting to BUY stuff that I get really stressed out. I'm so glad that my bf makes me feel like a million bucks no matter what I wear. He's so cool and comfortable in his own skin. It's taken me many years to come close to accomplishing that. He's so *EDITED FOR SHAMELESS GUSHING ABOUT EDDY G*

The warmer weather is starting to give way to cooler nights--a harbinger of the fall. I do love the autumn! It's so Romantic with its wistful breezes, glorious blazes of colorful leaves that only die and turn brown, and ever shorter days.


Sorry world, I'm dating the most beautiful boy. Inside and out!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Random thoughts

The whole world is gay, except maye some of the gays. I'll explain: Last Saturday was another fun Shatterday night--complete with blue hair on my head and lots of Crown and Coke in my belly. My new friend/hair stylist was there with her bf who was just as gay as the homos around us--complete with gay outfit, dance, and goodbye hug! On the way home (minus my shirt) we ran into a guy who swore he wasn't gay, but kept asking if we were together and touching our shoulders as he talked. Even Jesse the so-called-straight jeweler was talking to me about his new sandals and chastising me for not owning an iron. Gawd!!!

Thunderstorms are wicked cool.

I love the fall but hate that I left work at 7:30 today and it was completely dark. The sun sets so early these days!!

One of the coolest lines ever from Henry James' "The Beast in the Jungle"

It's something to wait for--to have to meet, to face, to see suddenly break out in my life; possibly destroying all further consciousness, possibly annihilating me; possibly, on the other hand, only altering everything, striking at the root of all my world and leaving me to the consequences, however they shape themselves.

I don't know what "it" is yet, but I think it's a wonderful description of love, among other things.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What's in a name?

These are the top three unfortunate names I've run across in the retail business. And just think, some poor girl had to change her name to one of these.

1. Reamsbottom

2. Dykhaus

3. Chippendale

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tie one on

Yesterday I got to work and realized I had forgotten to bring a tie. As this would be excellent grounds for a severe ass-chewing, I was a little worried as I walked into the door. To compound matters, the Mike (the big boss who is REALLY uptight) is in town. I explained the situation to Mills (the boss) and told him that I would run get a tie after putting out the jewelry. Instead, Mills suggested that Jesse (the jeweler) run to Mills' nearby apartment for one of his own. Since Jesse usually looks pretty sharp, and I didn't have the luxury to be picky, I consented. I should have known better than to trust a straight man to go through another straight man's closet. I don't know who dresses Jesse, but he picked out an UGLY old man tie that really didn't even match. Turns out the tie had been Mike's and was passed on to Mills. Mills (who has horrible taste) thought it looked great. Funniest thing is Mike saw the tie later during training and complimented me on it. I didn't have the balls to tell him it was his own!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Yesterday at the gym there were MANY guys who had two dumbbells of DIFFERING weights. Perhaps that's how dumbbells got their name? I mean when the slot AND the bars have the weight labelled, how hard is it to pick up the two matching bars?? The problem with this is, of course, that the only weights left are unmatched. Call me crazy, but I don't want a lopsided body. Sheesh!

On a related note, I did make a fool of myself at the gym last week. I was doing squats, and at the end of a set, I thought I had the bar all the way back on the rack. Unfortunately, one side didn't make it and fell. The weights from that side went crashing to the floor and made a loud noise, much to my surprise and embarrassment--especially because it was my warm-up set and there wasn't very much weight on it. Luckily it was late at night and rather empty. Still, the gym worker came over to see if I was ok and find out why the weights went crashing. Uggh.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Parking lot dressing

This morning,as I got dressed in the parking lot again (see previous post here), I thought that I should be more careful cuz I've met co-workers around the parking lot before work. Sure enough, today Callie decided to park in the same lot as me. Luckily I had already donned my pants. She giggled at the fact that I was dressing in the lot and gleefully promised to tell the others that I was "on my way" and would be in soon. Sheesh!

Some pics

The beautiful Eddy G.

Me and Ed

Tipsy boxer pose

Ignorance is not bliss

The rant: I can't believe how stupid some customers are. The latest example is a customer at the jewelry store who decided that she knew better than decades of combined jewelry experience and years of study and experience at jewelers school. Rather than let us take care of her rings in the appropriate manner, she insisted on things being done her way. Now that her rings are screwed and she's been in numerous times from out of town trying to get things fixed, she now hates us and gets so worked up every time that she comes in that she shakes. GET A CLUE YA FREAK!

The gush: I had a wonderful weekend spending much time with my Eddy G. The highlights would have to be eating a nice dinner out in celebration of a bonus i got at work and lying in opposite directions with our faces cheek to cheek out by the pond watching the clouds go by. It was such a serene, peaceful, memorable experience.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Just what the doctor ordered

I am a Chipotle whore and I don't care!! Today at work, Callie was nice enough to call me and offer to pick up a burrito for me as it was approaching 3pm and I hadn't had lunch yet. I gave her my detailed made-to-order burrito desires, but decided not to be an extremely high maintenance tenor wannabe and tell her to make them mix the ingredients before wrapping the burrito. However, she proudly told me upon delivering said burrito love that she had them mix it before wrapping because she remembered I liked it that way--and she's only eaten there with me ONE OTHER TIME! So, in my opinion, Callie's stock just about tripled!