Sunday, August 27, 2006

Loving life

I'm sitting here at work on a Sunday trying to have a good attitude. It does help that "the powers that be" have instituted a bonus for working on Sunday. It also helps to think of some things that I enjoyed over the weekend.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my dad in St. Louis for a ballgame. The wrong team won, but I love the aura of excitement that envelops the ballpark. It was great to see my dad, and afterward, we discussed life, politics, education, and such over a cold lemonade. During this conversation, he mentioned my mom should get an assitant for her emerging photography business. Included in this assitant's duties would be "fighting off hordes of idiots with disposable cameras." How wonderfully descriptive and perfectly erudite! I enjoyed it.

While in the STL, I met Patrick for dinner and decided to swing by the Nordstrom there to purchase some cologne I've been coveting (Versace Eau Fraiche). The woman who helped us was CRAZY!! She spoke in a thick foreign accent: "I want you to picture you're walking in a park... It's autumn and the leaves are on the ground... Smell this!!!" And then she shoved the sprayed card under my nose. Pat commented that he "actually liked it" (miraculous in that he doesn't really care for cologne or ever really have an opinion on it). She asked for permission to spray him with it. After his consent had been given, she proceeded to DOUSE him with it. She sprayed once, twice, three times, and then MORE! I had to hold back my laughter! She was SO out of control! Patrick confided to me later that he debated running away after the third or fourth spray. Hilarious!

Last night was spent in a comfortably tipsy state with Ed at Mark's house discussing singing and religion with the aforementioned and Derrick Fox. This morning my magnificent boyfriend made me strawberry crepes, a scone-like bread, and juice with sangria for breakfast while I read the paper. How awesome is he?? He's my baby!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Can you cheat on a mistress?

I went to Moe's burrito place today with the Pocket for lunch. I felt like I had betrayed my Chipotle!! Ed is my true love, so I guess Chipotle is my mistress, but it comes in a close second!

This Moe's place wasn't as good as Chipotle, nor did it have as many cute boys. I guess it's good to change things up though.

I was a rock star on the basketball court tonight. I just played REALLY well. And I got excited and even more aggressive, and played even better. Unfortunately my team lost in overtime, but it was awesome nonetheless!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Slut of the Nachos

Many, many years ago...Well maybe just ONE many...Anyway, some time ago I was at a birthday party for my friend Nicole (one of the coolest girls EVER). Someone had brought homemade salsa and chips, and I could NOT stop eating them! I told Nicole such as she walked by, and she quipped "Well aren't you just the SLUT OF THE NACHOS!" I died with laughter, and I've proudly worn the title ever since!

I bring this up because some Barbie looking girls came by the store with some free chips and salsa from Hardees to promote their new Red Burito part of the restaurant. They weren't the best, but the SOTN is not so picky! I think I love the chips so much cuz they're an excellent vehicle for salt. Maybe I was a deer in a former life. Anyway,the salsa was pleasantly hot, and I finally woke up for the day due to the endorphin release caused by the capsaicin in it. So yah, give me some salt and some hot sauce, and the party in my mouth will make a happy Craiger!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Good thing/Bad thing

It's time for another game of good thing/bad thing:

Chipotle: good thing
Crazy crowds around Chipotle: bad thing
Cute boys poking out of basketball shorts drawn by the yumminess of Chipotle: good thing

Playing basketball: good thing
Having all the courts but the two shortest taken over by some freshmen mixer: bad thing
Swarms of cute freshmen boys and returning ballers: good thing

Falling asleep after my bf rubbed my shoulders last night: good thing
Waking up next to him this morning: VERY good thing
Missing him cuz he's leaving me this weekend: bad thing

Guys letting their temper get the better of them and yelling at each other instead of playing on the basketball court: bad thing
Getting shot twice in Afghanistan (like a friend of a friend of a friend told me today): bad thing
Going to the batting cages and swimming in the quarry tonight: good thing

The End

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Boys will be boys

School starts next week, and the students are returning in full force. There's really only one thing that offsets the annoyance of all the traffic and such: all the cute boys milling about that I, uh, do NOT check out! And that could not even come close to being as cute as my Eddy G! Seriously, I really don't "check out" guys. I think that would be inappropriate, but I can't help but notice the the cute boy quotient is on the rise in the fall.

Ed will go home this weekend, and then school starts. I'm glad he'll get a chance to see his family for a bit, but I'll miss him. As his school starts, my work is getting crazier. Tomorrow will be my sixth day in a row without a day off, and it's only going to get worse. I will only have one day off in the ten days following this Sunday. On that day, though, I will get to meet my Dad in St. Louis for a Cubs/Cards game. WAY excited for that!

Update for the List of Ridiculousocity:

10. Machismo: Today at the gym a guy accused me of throwing a basketball “at him.” In truth I was frustrated that my team had just lost on a steal and a fast break, and so I winged the ball at the wall. However, I knew where the guy was, and it didn’t really even come that close to him. Besides, he hadn’t even been playing in that game. His pride was just hurt. I could have taken the higher road, but in my testosterone pumping state, I replied “Don’t be stupid! Why would I throw the ball at you?” After some posturing, the situation was resolved. Another example: charging the mound in baseball. Sheesh!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

List of Ridiculousocity

I've decided to keep a running list of things that I find to be utterly ridiculous. I will post it here with new additions in italics. Enjoy!

PS, this is my 101st blog entry! Wow.

List of Ridiculousocity
1. The word “ridiculousocity”
2. Lists of things embodying ridiculousocity
3. The irony in the first two listings (ok, I’m done)!
4. In-utero cannibalism (as practiced by certain shark species and apparently some snails)
5. Coca cola is the number two most recognized word on the planet (after “ok”)
6. The mating practices of many animals, e.g. the deep sea angler fish male bites the MUCH larger female, fuses their bodies, injects his innards (thus fertilizing) and then dies, becoming a permanent appendage.
7. Hitler’s philosophy and that of Theosophy (God wisdom), founded by a crazy Russian mystic named Madame Blavatsky and later included Gandhi amongst its members were both inspired by the same legend of Atlantis.
8. Tying Hitler and Gandhi together in one sentence.
9. An organist at a STL church playing “I’ve been working on the railroad” in a minor key on a dare from friends at the funeral of a guy who committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. True story!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Moving On

This weekend was the big move. There's always more craziness involved, and it always takes longer than expected. Finally, after some tipsy packing and cleaning (no sexual inuendo intended!!)with the pockets (Mark and Michael), everything now sits at the new place. I gotta give a shout out to my bf at this point for helping so much on Sunday moving all the big stuff. It's SO NICE to not be dating a "pansy queer!"

We interrupt this blog post to bring you some CRAZY musings from a wacko off the street who decided to come in and share his "artistic feelings" about what needs to be done now that the downtown awning has come down. Sheesh!

Anyway, the new house is coming together slowly but surely. I did have a moment of nostalgia as I did the checkout at the old place. I'm excited to be moving on, but that apartment is where I kissed Ed for the first time. I've had many wonderful experiences out by lake. There have been times when I thought it was the only thing I could talk to. So just like all things in life, this new beginning ushers in the ending of the old. I made popcorn for the first time the other night in the new place, and it now seems more like home...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random peppers

Today on my way back to work from lunch, I passed a planter on the street corner filled with flowers and beautiful clusters ofwhat appeared to be red and yellow peppers. I picked one and smelled it to see if it was indeed a pepper and if it was hot. I couldn't get a read on it through my olefactory sensors, so at Jesse's insistence, I bit off the tip. It was HOT! Good thing I only took the tip! Just goes to show, you can't trust random peppers. BTW, why were there peppers growing in planters in the middle of downtown? The world may never know!! (I blame the lesbians)!