Thursday, October 16, 2008


"Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great."
~Roger de Bussy-Rabutin, 1618-1693

I read that quote from a compilation book while on the plane to see my Eddy G. I can honestly say that our love exemplifies the latter. As I've mentioned before, I think this separation will just make it all that much sweeter to be reunited.

I had a wonderful time with my baby. He had some work commitments, but I got to spend a good deal of time with him. Knowing how hard he worked the previous week to be able to take that time out of his always busy schedule made it that much more poignant. Just being able to look into his eyes again and hold him tightly made me so happy. Thursday night, after my arrival, we had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. Friday he had to work, so I spent the better part of the day being appalled at how expensive the housing is. I had an inkling, but it truly set in while I was there. After doing some house looking and deciding that I really couldn't look for housing until I knew what kind of job I would have, I soaked up some California sun while reading the molto pesante writings of Richard Taruskin on Russian music. That night we had a pleasant dinner at an Indian restaurant--a favorite cuisine of Edward's. Saturday I was privileged to spend the entire day with my boy. We had a great time hiking in the coastal mountain range nearby. We went to a place called Castle Rock, so named for large rock outcroppings. At one point we sat in the sun at the top of one and chatted for a bit about life. It was one of the nicest moments of the trip. That evening, we made sour cream enchiladas. Unbelievably, Ed had never enjoyed that Tex/Mex treat! Sunday we did our best to tour some of San Francisco. Little did we know that it was fleet week, and the Blue Angels were doing an air show. The traffic was appalling! We did manage to have some fun at the modern art museum and Ghirardelli square. The rebel in me thoroughly enjoyed skirting a massive $40 parking fee by purchasing a bunch of grapes at the Safeway to get our parking validated and thus pay nothing!

It was harder to leave Eddy than I had even anticipated. Time has a way of dulling the ache of missing someone. Not that my desire to see him or be with him ever diminished, but the acute awareness of not having him to cuddle and hold faded some as I got used to the idea. Spending time with him reminded me how wonderful it is to be around him, and it was incredibly difficult to wrench myself away. Luckily I have only a few short weeks until I get to repeat the experience!! Shockingly, the end of the year is only 10 weeks away! I'm sure the time will fly by. I'm freaked out by that when I think of all I have to do between now and then. When I think of being beside my baby again, I wish it would move all the faster!