Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pearls Before Swine

Today while putting out jewelry at the store Amy exclaimed "I can't take this elevator crap today!" She was referring to the MOZART playing on the CD player. Admittedly, I have referred to Mozart as the Brittany Spears of the Classical age, but the kid was a genius! He is considered by some to be the epoch of the entire era! I should not have been surprised at such utterances from a woman who thinks Korn is the apex of musical evolution, but I couldn't help but guffaw at her label. "It's Mozart!" I blurted out aghast. "You don't have to like it, but it is NOT elevator music." "Whatever," said the philistine.

In a completely unrelated note, Edward and I visited the theater the other night. They were OUT of SALT for the popcorn. How does this happen? It's not as if we are in the middle of a salt shortage. It's as if my store would run out of gold in which to set diamonds. Sheesh.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


My last few politically charged blog entries have generated a typical response from those who may disagree with me: if I think illegal immigration is a problem, then I am xenophobic. If I don't subscribe to the global warming religion, then I am an idiot or own too many shares of oil stocks.

I wrote the last blog posts in anger. Let me show my compassionate side of the argument while clarifying my positions:

I do not believe global warming is a catastrophic threat that causes everything from more hurricanes to less hurricanes, from bridges collapsing to political turmoil. I do not believe that man is responsible for the latest slight rise in temperature. Volcanoes are by far the highest source of CO2 emissions. The earth's temperature has ALWAYS fluctuated, often drastically BEFORE man ever walked it's surface.

Does this mean I think it's fine to dump pollutants in the air? Does this mean I don't want clean energy, renewable energy, and energy conservation? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I wholeheartedly support and advocate all of the above. I DO NOT think that corrupt government entities like the UN should levy global taxes. I DO NOT trust incompetent bureaucracies for the solutions, nor do I think that Al Gore, who has absolutely no competency as a scientist, is a savior.

The solution should be market driven. The Tesla, for example, goes from 0 to 60 in four seconds and looks like a sex machine! It runs on batteries. I'm down with that!! Solar panels on my roof would lower my electric bills. Um, ok!

As for immigration, I believe illegal immigrants who come here solely to work and find a better life should be treated humanely and compassionately. I do not advocate a mass illegal "roundup." However, for security reasons and for the integrity of our sovereignty, we have the right to know who is coming and going. We have the right to control that process. Admittedly, the naturalization process is seriously flawed. This is an area that should be addressed! What to do with the millions already here is a complex issue that needs sorting out as well. Primarily though, the flow of people needs to be stopped. We can't deal with the floodwaters until the source of the flood has been fixed.

I sympathize with people who want to come here for a better life for themselves and their family, but coming here illegally is not the answer. These people are paid (illegally) BELOW our minimum wage. THEY ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF! They have put a huge strain on hospitals and schools in states like California and Arizona. If we do, in fact, NEED this labor force, then why not bring it "above ground." Companies should be forced to pay them minimum wage. The workers should pay taxes if they are to use our schools and other programs.

How about attacking the situation in Mexico? The economy there will NEVER improve if the majority of their hard workers come here! The abject government corruption and the power of the drug lords are serious problems that we should strive to overcome alongside the Mexican people.

In summary, I believe in protecting the environment and conserving our resources. I believe in alternative and renewal energy. I do not believe in more government, more taxes, especially on a global scale. I believe this country has risen to greatness on the backs of immigrants. Most of us are the progeny of immigrants. I believe immigrants will continue to add to the legacy of our great nation. However, in a post-911 world, it is CRUCIAL for this process to be controlled. Furthermore, for the benefit of both immigrant and citizen alike, it MUST be done in a legal manner.