Sunday, July 30, 2006

LIght-up pens and secondhand lions

It's been a while since I've posted, so here are the last few weeks in sum:

I finally confessed all my doubts and fears about our relationship in a long emotional conversation with my bf. They were soon virtually obliterated by a single act of kindness from him.

I have had my love for Martina McBride re-affirmed by her CMA performance. The following is the same song, but a different performance. All I can say is that is some DAMN beautiful belting!

In addition, no one can not only avoid looking like a lesbian but actually look sexy in a pants suit like she does!

This week at work I was struck by a humanitarian guilt while making a personal loan. (We loan money with jewelry as collateral). The couple I was working with commented on how nice my pen was and asked if it lighted up. Earlier that day Monica and I had rejoiced in our free light-up pens we received while working the gay pride booth. At that moment though, I contrasted the need of these people and by extension, the needs of less fortunate people throughout the world, with the frivolity of a light-up pen designed to advertise a banal and vapid TV station (new from MTV).

Another moment of contemplation has been catalyzed tonight by my viewing of Secondhand Lions. Despite the pubescent voice of Haley Joel Osment and Disney-esque cheesiness of the movie, I was reminded why it's one of my favorite films. I want to have lived passionately and stood for something like Robert Duvall's character. The movie certainly appeals to my Romantic and idealistic sentiments. In this world of cynicism and despair, I think holding to the views expressed in the following clip is crucial.

On a more frivolous note, the Cubs swept the Cards this week. The standings may make a hardened Cubs fan cry, but we can rejoice in the spanking of the Redbirds in the season series! The poor Cards are 0 for Chicago having been swept in every series this far by both the Cubs and the Sox!

This next week will involve much packing and moving. Two of my least favorite things. I am excited to get into the new place though. I imagine the next post will occur from there. Until then... I bid you adieu...

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I usually don't watch tons of TV. I try to limit my viewing to news, sports, and the occasional FOX Sunday cartoon. However, I have accidentally become addicted to So You Think You Can Dance! Yes, a reality show! I even work my schedule around this show! Sheesh! Although it does have cheesy reality show quirks, the premise is quite good. The dancers are paired randomly, and they have to dance a style drawn from a hat. Therefore they have work at dancing outside their specialty and with a partner. "America" gets to decide which couples they like the best, but it's the EXPERT judges that decide who goes home every week. Mainly, it's just freakin' amazing dancing. The way these people can control their bodies is breathtaking at times. I'm very impressed with the artistry. The following performance from last week was particularly moving to me. I actually got chills watching it. I think dance can be so powerful because it marries visual art with music.

I read the following quote today and would like to testify of its validity: "Life would be just be a sharp, nasty knife and fork without someone to spoon with." Thanks Eddy for being a good spoonee and spooner!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

There's not much better than simultaneously basking in the glorious summer sun and the wit and style of O. Henry.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

There was something pleasantly autumnal about the breeze today. But there was a melancholy forboding to it's murmur as well...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If I were a lesbian...

Ed and I saw The Devil Wears Prada last Friday. It was as cool as I'd hoped it would be! I talked to Traci today about how hot Anne Hathaway was. She quipped "If I were a lesbian, I'd do her!" To which I responded "Hell, if I were a lesbian I'd do her too!"

Work has been interesting in that I've been assigned to be the point person to revamp the store's website with the ad agency that I applied at a few weeks ago. So basically I'm not working FOR them but WITH them. It's made for some situations that COULD have been sticky, but have not been in the least. At any rate, I'm learning quite a bit and enjoying the project immensely!

Last night saw a great time at Callie and Archer's house. They're such the odd couple, and I love them! Archer's 63-year-old dad left in his other son's new Corvette. I asked why he was driving it around, and he replied "Hell, old people have to have fun too!!

We succeeded in eating lots of food and setting off some really fun fireworks. Good news is, the entire neighborhood is still standing!!

Today I rediscovered the wonder that is Corelli. Listen to him wail along with Simionato and Merrill here. (Be patient, and I'm sorry about the "announcer.")

My new discovery is the baritone Cappuccilli. Enjoy the little treat below! It's a bit long, and the best part is at the end, so feel free to skip ahead!