Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pitchin', catchin', and turnin' heads

After a week of dreadful weather, job stress, and a misbehaving puppy, i got some much needed fun and relaxation this weekend. It also helped that the rain stopped and the sun decided to reappear.

Saturday Ed and I partied it up with the ever-fun Callie and Archer. Ed enjoyed the food, and I enjoyed the foiled attempts at making the "cauldron" bubble with dry ice. Jesse the not so gay (?) jeweler showed up and drew the attention of one of Callie's female co-workers, but he also got an "off the charts, 110% flamer" rating from The Pocket's new "friend who is a boy."

We then departed for Shatterday night, where we totally rocked the place with our ubercute costumes. We had SO many compliments. And why not? We are the gays, and we are loved!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Being with someone you love can't change the dreary weather outside, but it can stop the rain inside.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The craziness that is life

Oh the pictures I allow to be taken when I'm tipsy! These are from a few weeks ago.

And isn't it funny how life repeats itself? These are from last weekend.

Yah, Ed actually got me to show some nip in that last one!

Speaking of the BF, things are great! We celebrated 1.5 years together this month, and we're both eagerly looking forward to outdoing our Batman and Robin Halloween costumes from last year. I won't spoil the surprise, but pics will be posted soon!

Here's a "family" pic: Ed, Zipper, and myself. I had just returned from the 5-hour round trip to get the pup.

Work has kept me EXTREMELY busy. Business is up, which is great. I can always use the money! I've also been working very hard on the new website and some other marketing projects. I'm a bit stressed because of time constraints and annoying interruptions (see below), but I'm enjoying the work. Check out the new site by doin' the clickity clack thing here.

We interrupt this blog to bring you "making fun of stoopid people." I heard on the news yesterday a college student flying from California to Florida thought it would be a good plan to call in a bomb threat to delay his flight because he was running late. He's now facing up to five years in PRISON!

In other stoopid people news, a woman came into the store today (see annoying interruptions above) who asked for "Mitch." I could only assume she meant MILLS, the VP of the store. She proceeded to tell me that her son was good friends with "Mitch," and she was dropping off a resume for him so "Mitch" could hire him. Ok, so far we have a mom dropping off a resume for her son who is apparently so close to Mills that he thought his name is Mitch. Now let's add the fact that the word "orientate" actually appeared on this resume, not to mention things like misusing "there" and "their." SHEESH!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogging hiatus

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post. I wonder if anyone will even read this anymore after my lack of updates.

I have been very busy looking for and finding a wonderful puppy! His name is Zipper, and he's a miniature Schnauzer. He's so adorable and sweet, and yet he has some mischief and sport in him. He's been great. Ed was afraid I'd get an "ugly dog" as we don't seem to have the same tastes in canines. However, it took all of about 20 minutes for Zipper to win him over. He threatened to steal my dog!

Work has been keeping me busy as well. Sales are up, which is good, and we're heading into the Holliday season. We should have the new website up and running by the end of the week too.

Things with Ed are smashing. I just returned from a trip home to celebrate my brother's 23rd bday. So, it's been nice spending the last few nights with him. He's so great on so many levels, but I'll spare y'all the mush. We celebrate a year and a half together this Thursday! I feel so lucky and special to have such a great guy in my life!